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Should You Declare a Major on Your College Application?

Declaring a major may be a daunting task or you might know exactly what you would like to study. Do not stress about the process. Below are a few tips to help you decide whether or not to declare a major and how to select it. Your major vs. your ...
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How to Pack for College

You have selected a school, picked your roommates, picked a major (maybe), registered for classes… Now it’s time to pack and move into your new dorm. How do you know what to bring with you? What should you leave behind? What can you buy after you’ve moved in? The first ...
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Make the Most of Your College Visit by Asking the Right Questions

A campus tour is a great tool to help students determine whether a school is a good fit. Tours, often led by student tour guides, provide the student perspective. The experience of a college visit cannot be replicated by reading through school websites, brochures, social media and other marketing that ...
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Family Travel Provides a Great Opportunity to Visit Colleges

It’s summertime! That often means time for family travel. Why not take advantage of travel by visiting some local colleges and universities? Below is a relevant article posted by U.S. News & World Report about how families can make the most out of summer trips. The article includes a helpful link ...
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Don’t Be Scared Away by College Sticker Price

It is a common misconception among high school students and their parents and families that state universities are significantly more affordable than private schools. However, college sticker prices can be deceiving. Indeed, the tuition and fees at private colleges and universities are expensive. According to U.S. News & World Report, ...
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How College Applicants Can Improve Their Use of Social Media

Families spend considerable amounts of time and resources creating opportunities to develop their student into the strongest, most prepared candidate for college application. Students thoughtfully craft strong resumes of interesting extracurricular activities and leadership roles. They study for ACT and SAT exams online, in school groups or with private tutors. Students ...
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Moving Beyond College Rejection and Thriving!

At this time every year, thousands of high school seniors are committing to spend their next four (or more) years at different colleges and universities around the country… actually, around the world! For some students, this is a joyous time! Some students have opened their email from their top-choice school to read that ...
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Info Re: Common Application Essay Prompts for 2017-2018

The Common Application essay prompts have been released for 2017-2018. Changes to existing questions this year are minimal. Only two new prompts have been added. Huffington Post‘s Scott Anderson has written a post to help both the student and the college counselor prepare: The Common App Essay Prompts Are Changing. Here’s Why ...