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Enable our students to harness their power for success!

By Gwen Part on January 10, 2017

Girl with SparklerGenerational differences and the difficulties they can create in the workplace are popular to discuss. I prefer to reframe these conversations. While it is important in my work to stay abreast of what is being said – popular parenting techniques and technological changes HAVE influenced generations – I believe each individual can build their own destiny once they understand their own abilities and how to utilize their strengths and harness their power to set themselves up for success.

In the TedX YouTube video I have shared below, Jared Kleinert believes that young people today hold more power than at any other time than history. He offers his insights based on his thousands of hours of work with successful millennial entrepreneurs. According to his research…

All successful millennial entrepreneurs shared these three traits

  1. Ability to harness the power of our fully-connected world
  2. Willingness to embrace an entrepreneurial mindset
  3. Collaborative at a mass scale

By providing our students the tools to think critically and independently, teaching them “soft” skills, and building their confidence, we better prepare them to take advantage of the many tools available to their generation. Let’s help our students realize their abilities to be game-changers!