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Moving Beyond College Rejection and Thriving!

By Gwen Part on March 30, 2017

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At this time every year, thousands of high school seniors are committing to spend their next four (or more) years at different colleges and universities around the country… actually, around the world!

For some students, this is a joyous time! Some students have opened their email from their top-choice school to read that they have been admitted. Their decision to commit has been delightful and easy. Other students are elated to learn that they have been admitted to more than one of their top-ranked schools. However, they still find stress in making their final decision.

Other students, unfortunately, receive a rejection from their top-choice school. Even worse, some are rejected from all of their top choices and are left feeling dejected and inconsolable. This form of rejection may be one of the first major losses that a student has experienced in their life.

How can we help these students to rebound and make the most out of their situation?What does it take for students to thrive in the face of such adversity? How can students use this rejection as inspiration and motivation?

UC Berkeley junior Rahul Rangnekar proposes some answers in An Open Letter to High School Seniors based on his own experience. The New York Times published an article in March 2016 with a similar theme written by Frank Bruni. How to Survive the College Admissions Madness tells of two students who succeeded in spite of being rejected from their top-choice schools. Both articles offer excellent advice and perspective.