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Make the Most of Your College Visit by Asking the Right Questions

By Leticia Duenas on August 10, 2017

Male Student at Steps of Building

A campus tour is a great tool to help students determine whether a school is a good fit. Tours, often led by student tour guides, provide the student perspective. The experience of a college visit cannot be replicated by reading through school websites, brochures, social media and other marketing that institutions utilize to attract students. Seeing the campus in person helps students and families experience what the campus is like during its day-to-day activity, meet with current students and even sit in on classes to aid in making a school selection.

Visit the school while it is in session so you can get a feel of the vibe of the school with the students on campus. However, if that is not possible, consider adding a campus visit to your family vacation plans. Visit our prior blog to learn more. It is always a good idea to see a campus in person and get a feel for the community in person.

It is important to ask the right questions while on a tour. This will aid in your final college decision-making. Cappex created a list of one hundred guiding questions to make your college visit more fulfilling and informative. Review the list prior to each visit and highlight those which are important to you. Ask questions throughout the tour. Chances are that others are wondering the same things you are. If some of your questions have not been answered by the end of the tour, there is frequently an opportunity to stay longer to meet with someone who can help answer your questions. If not, ask to have a conversation with someone from the admissions office.

Do not be shy about asking “tough questions.” The more information you collect during your visits, the easier it will be to compare your options. Ultimately, this will lead to your most-informed selection of the school which best meets your needs, passions and philosophies.