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Academic Individual Services

Avenues to Higher Education offers an array of services for students, parents and young adults. All of our client relationships are customized and begin with an evaluation to design the perfect program for you or your family.

Many school counselors are simply too busy to offer deep dives on these subjects. Very often a student gets a different counselor with each visit. Our students and families get the great value of in-depth academic and career counseling coupled to long-term support.

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The application essay has taken on tremendous importance in being admitted to a university. We work directly with the student in brainstorming topics, providing structure, feedback and editing support from the start through the final copy. More importantly, we help our clients address the unique needs and expectations of each institution.

The student is provided with a full coaching session to help put his or her best foot forward during interviews, including:

  • Presentation Skills
  • Effective Questions to Ask
  • How to Answer Admission Questions Successfully
  • Appropriate Attire
  • Mock Interviews
  • Positive Body Language / Tone of Voice

We will review the final application to ensure completion and accuracy. The client may select the option of our tracking all deadliness of the process, including any internal timelines recommended to the student.


It is our mission to find the right educational resources for all families. Our statement includes opening doors to families that believe they cannot afford higher education for their children. Today, there are so many options to fund higher education that we will evaluate and qualify all options including:

These resources are based on merit, need and a variety of additional factors. We locate scholarship funding and provide the necessary assistance with application completion and tracking.

Free Application for Federal Student Aid
Federal support is available to qualified families and in many cases becomes a viable option to get students into good schools.

Student Employment
We provide guidance in how to secure the right employment opportunities that will help defray expenses. This option can become even more important in building a strong network that often opens doors to future career possibilities.


Ideally, college preparation begins in middle school and continues through high school graduation. Integrative Academic Consultancy designs college preparatory programs based on available time and budget. Our focus is in helping link the gifts and interests of each child to the optimum educational options. Continual evaluation, guidance and counseling helps families not only be more prepared, it informs their choices.

Often, the best education isn’t an ivy-league university. Many students today are making use of online education, trade and technical schools such as fashion, design and culinary arts as well as apprenticeships/internships. A world where the average college graduate will change careers four to six times requires a fresh and new approach for educational consumers. There is a revolution taking place in education today that is literally redefining how we learn. A few of the world’s largest technology companies are building platforms that will offer our children a world of new options. Our commitment at Avenues to Higher Education is to continually monitor the trends and breakthroughs that bring these options to families. Our service includes presenting new innovations with both the benefits and shortcomings with each option. Avenues to Higher Education builds relationships with a wide variety of academic institutions. In many cases, we can provide first-hand knowledge of each school and internal partners that can help our families make the right and best choice.

We arrange visits to schools of great interest. Based on the needs and expectations, we can coordinate school visits and also lead them. Our tour services are scalable and build to the needs, ideals and budget with each client.

Most adults received career counseling for a world that no longer exists. How do we prepare our children for the future of work? What is the best way to engage with our children and in so doing, give them an environment that helps them define what is best for them, an approach that is based on their “career DNA” rather than the old “get a degree and get a secure job” fixation that no longer works?


A Word About Urgency:


Most of our personalized programs take place over months and even years. However, some aspects of academic advisement need immediate and urgent support such as making optimum selections for impending education. Avenues to Higher Education recognizes that each client has unique needs and when necessary, we will apply a “drop everything” approach to client support.

Comprehensive Service Plans

We highly recommend that clients engage with Avenues to Higher Education on a continuing basis. Providing skilled guidance throughout the process of identifying a future career path, selecting an appropriate academic plan while preparing the student for each stop of the college and career selection process elevates their probability of success, leads to a more informed experience for each family and adds economies of scale to the overall package.

Our Service Plans include annual packages designed to meet the long-term needs of students in middle school through 10th grade and their parents. All programs are designed based on the readiness of our students and families and are completely customizable. A sample program is shown below.


Premier Higher Education Preparation Package


Includes the following per year:

  • Two one-hour meetings with entire family - one intake at start of year and one check-in at end of year (in person or via Skype)
  • Four one-hour meetings with student, quarterly (in person or via Skype)
  • One 30-minute meeting with student per month (8 per year, via phone or Skype)
  • One 30-minute meeting with parents per quarter (4 per year, via phone or Skype)
  • Students may schedule up to one 15-minute meeting weekly, as needed (via phone or Skype)
  • Parents may schedule up to one 15-minute meeting weekly, as needed (via phone or Skype)
  • Student strength and skill assessments via licensed assessment software
  • Customized plan for the student and family delivered within one week of student meeting/assessment review, incorporating student’s strengths, skills, activities and current academic positioning


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